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Remote Sensing Software

All-in-one-solution for all Data Types and Sources

Application- specific Toolbox

  • Near-real-time direct ortho rectification
  • Aerotriangulation
  • True ortho-photo generation & image mosaicking (RGB, NIR, thermal)
  • DSM / DTM / nDSM production
  • Georeferenced multi-sensor image stacks
  • 3D mapping (photogrammetry and radargrammetry)
  • Large area small scale DSM / DTM / nDSM generation
  • Multi-sensor image matching (optical and SAR)
    • Surface mapping
    • Landslide monitoring
    • Ice/glacier movement
    • Persistent scattering methods
      • Derivation of forest parameters
      • Forest stability
      • Forest inventory support
      • Carbon assessment in tropical countries for REDD initiatives

      How it works

      • Platform independent, running on Windows and Linux
      • Modular design & high flexibility
      • Interactive menu-driven & batch operating
      • Automatic execution of via command lines & scripts
      • Simple creation of processing lines
      • Execution of custom-tailored workflows

      Supporting a Variety of Image Data

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